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Spring is Here!!!

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The weather has warmed up, days are longer, and our attention is turning to being outside.  It’s time to get your car back into shape and looking good.  Winter is hard on cars.  The snow and ice of winter bring salt and road grime onto your car’s paint.  The slush on your shoes gets ground into your carpets, and usually its too cold to clean your car all winter long.  After the beating our car’s take during winter it is even more important that they receive a thorough cleaning in the spring.

Here are some tips to follow for bringing back the shine on your car’s finish and getting your interior back in shape.

  • Washing the exterior – This is a no brainer that you need to get all of the salt and road grime from the winter off as soon as possible.  This is why as soon as there is a day with temperatures above freezing during the winter there is a long line at the car wash.  However did you know that it is also very important to wash under the vehicle and inside the engine compartment.  Salt and road grime will start to corrode your vehicle in these often overlooked places. 
  • Paint Finish Contaiminates - The winter usually leaves your vehicles paint finish dull.  The clear coat finish may have become embedded with contaminates from the harsher environment and less frequent washings.    Properly using a clay bar on your car’s paint will remove the contaminates embedded in the paint.  This step is important because putting a layer of wax over contaminates will not produce a good finish.
  • Paint Finish Scratches – If your vehicle went through an automated car wash during the winter (which is normally the case because who wants to play with a water hose yourself in the winter)  your paint finish may have thousands of micro scratches in it that make it cloudy.  The brushes in automatic car washes don’t get cleaned between cars.  All of the small debris, dirt, and even small rocks from the previous cars left in the brushes makes a very abrasive surface that is washing your car.  The remedy for micro scratches in your paint is a high speed buffer and proper polishes and compounds.  Be careful when operating a high speed buffer though as improper use can damage a car’s finish
  • Carpets and Interior – All of the melted snow and slush on your shoes gets into the fibers of your vehicles carpet.  Winter salt and ice melting chemicals get embedded into the fibers and lower layers of your carpet.  Vacuuming will remove the dirt on the surface, but will not get the layers underneath.  Your carpets and interior will require a hot water extraction shampooing.  This cleans deep into the carpet and pulls out all of the accumulated salt, chemicals, and filth that regular vacuuming wont touch.
  • Wheels – Your vehicles shinny wheels go through the same treatment as your paint finish but multiplied by several times.  If your wheels are looking dull the best way to bring back their shine are to use a dedicated wheel buffer and the approipriate buffing compound depending if the wheels are chrome or alumimum. 

If all of this sounds like a lot of work, that’s because it is.  However if left unattended your vehicle won’t magically get better, it will only worsen as time goes on.  Spring is a great time to get your vehicle back in shape.  If its is more than you have time for then give us a call.  As always we at Hampstead Detailing are here to help you with bringing your car back to its show room condition from the winter beating it took. 

Have a great Spring!